An Open Letter to My Colleagues

Over the last few weeks, I have received many messages from fellow MTNA members. Many are supportive, but others raise some valid questions about what constitutes appropriate activity by a candidate for MTNA President. Today, this came to light in a thoughtful email from Dr. Gary Ingle, CEO of MTNA, to the MTNA membership. You can read his message here.

It has always been my goal share the love of music study with as many people as possible. I was honored and excited to receive a nomination for the MTNA presidency, because I truly believe in what this organization stands for. I feel MTNA is one of the most powerful advocates for music education in the United States today. I am also a music teacher, just like every one of you, and I wish to share with you what I have found to be most effective during my teaching career. My hope is that you may also find some of this to be helpful, and even perhaps use it as an opportunity to begin constructive conversations about ensuring that music education continues to flourish for many years to come.

Before starting my campaign last fall, I spoke to MTNA to ensure my plans would not conflict with any MTNA guidelines. I would like to clarify for my own part that the MTNA organization has not contributed information or resources of any kind to my effort. I apologize to anyone who may not have not found this clear in my communications, and if you do not wish to hear from me, simply remove your address from all future messages using this form.

I invite you to read about my hopes and dreams for the future of MTNA, and glance through the blog posts I have written over the past few months. I believe raising awareness about these issues is critical, and the most important thing is not whether we agree on every point, but how we as an organization continue to remain relevant in the modern, changing world. I would welcome any opportunity to discuss any of these issues or concerns with you. Just send me an email:

And please, be sure to vote. Your voice and viewpoints are important to our organization.

As always, I appreciate what every one of you does in service of our shared love of music.

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