My Hopes and Dreams for MTNA

Young MusiciansI have many exciting plans for music education, and in position of MTNA President, there are a number of projects I will work to promote.

  • Advocate for music teaching and for music teachers at all levels and in all settings
  • Celebrate—and publicize!—the success of existing programs
  • Enlarge opportunities for young teachers to become involved in MTNA
  • Develop new grass-roots programs to serve the needs of 21st century students and families
  • Ensure a role for popular music and improvisation in MTNA programs
  • Expand our communications strategy to make greater use of social media
  • Look for increased efficiencies to make our volunteer work load less time-consuming
  • Provide increased support and development opportunities for local MTNA leaders
  • Utilize technology to expand the role of music teaching
  • Increase member engagement

I would love to hear your thoughts! Where is MTNA strong? What could it do even better?

Please leave a comment below…

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