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MTNA Foundation“Money talks,” as my grandmother used to say. How we as an organization of music teachers spend our money tells us what our priorities are and what programs we find worthy of support. There are so many legitimate needs, so many great ideas—and never enough money to fully sustain all of them.

Donations to the MTNA Foundation go a long way to filling the void. Many of us have devoted our lives to our great mission of music teaching, depending on the programs and services that MTNA offers. Giving back through a donation to the MTNA Foundation makes many of these programs possible.

It is with great pleasure that I formally congratulate you on your designation as an MTNA Foundation Fellow. This honor is bestowed upon outstanding individuals who have made a significant difference in the music world.

Scott, you are very loved and respected by your colleagues and friends. This is evident from the generous donations we have received on your behalf. Your contributions to the music profession have inspired and will continue to inspire teachers and students everywhere.

Gary L. Ingle, MTNA Executive Director & CEO

So it was a source of great pride to me when the president of the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, Jennifer Snow, contacted me and let me know that CAPMT was nominating me as an MTNA Fellow.

MTNA Fellows are nominated by colleagues and friends who wish to honor a teacher, colleague and friend with a donation to the MTNA Foundation.

“Your contributions to California as a leading teacher and pedagogy specialist combined with your many years of service to CAPMT, MTNA, and the broader teaching profession make you an obvious choice for all of us,” Jennifer wrote.

The MTNA Foundation chair for California, Sharon Townsend said, “Scott and I have worked together on many projects, from summer music programs to major conferences. He is a dynamic leader, and a wonderful colleague and friend. We are delighted to honor him as a 2015 MTNA Fellow.”

Thank-you, Jennifer and Sharon, for your generous words. I hope CAPMT teachers’ substantial gift will inspire others to donate to the MTNA Foundation.

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