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MTNA Elections are Live! Who can Vote?

The big day has finally come: the MTNA Officers Election is now open! There are four easy ways to submit your ballot:

Ballots will be accepted until March 2, 2015.

Many of you have contacted me asking how to vote. The first prerequisite is: you have to be an MTNA member.

If you are not, MTNA has a great deal for you! If you have never held an MTNA membership, or if your membership has lapsed, now is a perfect chance to join.

MTNA has a variety of other membership types, and not all types of membership are voting-eligible. I have checked with the MTNA Head Office to confirm the following information, which I hope you may find helpful:

MTNA Membership Voting Rights

  1. Active Members

    If you know you are an MTNA member but are not sure what type, this is most likely you! Active members can vote. Active Membership information.

  2. Collegiate Members

    If you are a currently a student and joined MTNA through your school, this is you. Collegiate members cannot vote. Collegiate Membership information.

  3. International Members

    If you are a member of MTNA but do not currently live in the US, this is most likely your membership type. International members cannot vote. International Membership information.

  4. Patron Members

    If you are not a music professional but hold an MTNA membership, this is you. Patron members cannot vote. Patron Membership information.

  5. Retired Members

    If you were a member of MTNA for at least 20 continuous years, are over age 65, no longer maintain an active studio, and have petitioned the MTNA Executive Director, you are a Retired member. Thank you for your long service! Retired members can vote. Retired Membership information.

  6. Former Members

    Former Members. If you previously held MTNA membership, but have let it lapse in recent years, I invite you to rejoin the organization and be a part of the movement of change I hope to lead. You may renew your membership online, and newly-renewed Active members can vote.

  7. Non-Members

    Non-Members. If you have never held an MTNA membership, now could be a perfect chance to join! The Six-Month Membership is a special discount for first-time members, and counts as an Active membership. You may also join as a standard Active member for the remainder of the 2014-2015 membership year (until June 30th, 2015) for prorated dues of only $35. New Active members through either option can vote.

I invite you to continue checking this page over the next few weeks. I have a lot of ideas to share!

Thank you for your support. It would be an honor to serve as MTNA President.

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